Chief Craig Miller

Craig Miller gives testimony to Texas State AssemblyPolice Chief Craig R. Miller, retired Dallas Police Department Deputy Chief and current Chief of Police for the Dallas ISD Police Department is an expert witness in the following areas:

  • Officer Involved Shootings
  • Death In Custody Investigations
  • Police Use of Force
  • Law Enforcement Tactics
  • Undercover Operations
  • Police Management
  • School Safety

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Chief Craig Miller - Discusses How Police May Change Tactics at Protests after Dallas Shooting Police may change tactics at protests after Dallas shooting

Dallas ISD police Chief Craig Miller discusses how and why police may change their tactics at protests in the wake of the Dallas police shootings.
Chief Craig Miller - Proposals to Boost School Security Highway shootings not uncommon in U.S. cities

Dallas ISD police Chief Craig Miller weighs in on the Phoenix highway shootings as police chase down hundreds of potential leads.
Chief Craig Miller - Proposals to Boost School Security Dallas ISD Police Chief Craig Miller dismisses giving guns to teachers.

In a Texas Senate hearing Monday on school security, Dallas ISD police Chief Craig Miller unveiled several proposals to boost school security after the Connecticut school shooting and pushed back at proposals to arm teachers.
Chief Craig Miller discusses emergency readiness Dallas ISD Police Chief discusses emergency readiness

Chief Craig Miller discusses Dallas ISD emergency preparedness in the wake of the school shootings at Sandy Hook.

About Chief Craig Miller

Chief Craig Miller - Expert Police Witness Chief Miller has a law enforcement background that distinguishes him from all other Use of Force experts. Prior to becoming the Dallas Police Department Deputy Chief over all criminal investigations in the City of Dallas, Chief Miller was the Homicide Lieutenant. In this assignment he oversaw hundreds of murder investigations as well as directly leading the Special Investigations Unit (SIU). In this assignment he was directly responsible for leading Officer Involved Shootings (OIS) and Death in Custody investigations. Additionally, Chief Miller is now the Chief of Police for the 14th largest US public school system with 159,000 students and 20,000 employees with an $18 million operating budget.

Chief Miller started his career in 1982 and progressed all the way through the ranks of the Dallas Police Department, the 9th largest US police department. During his career he served as a Patrol Watch Commander, Narcotics Commander, Tactical Services (bomb squad) Commander and ultimately the chief over all the criminal investigation detectives responsible for all assaults, robberies, sexual assaults, murders and the CSI function for 1.2 million people.

Chief Miller has a BA from the Unversity of Memphis in Criminal Justice and is a graduate of the Southwest Legal Command Management Supervisors Course from the University of Texas at Dallas. Additionally, Chief Miller is a Master Texas Peace Officer and a certified Texas law enforcement instructor.

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